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Safari Murals

Safari coaches (made in Oregon) were known for their distinctive murals, individually painted by the Dame family. While many are stock images, each is subtly (or substantially!) different from other similar ones. The photos here are of coaches we've observed in our travels, or submitted by others who have seen these pages, and we expect to continue to collect the images as a unique form of art.

Jerry Jr. Jerry Sr. Completed Mural
A collaborative mural demonstration at the Safari Homecoming, September, 2003. Dennis painted the background (sorry, didn't get a picture), Jerry Jr. filled in the rocks and trees, and Jerry Sr. painted the tiger. Click to enlarge each photo.
Except for their first couple of years the Dames included hidden pictures within their murals. Faint objects, usually animals, that can take a long time to find. They don't tell you what, or how many, so you never know if you have found them all. Below is a tiger mural, with six hidden images we found. They are subtle enough to be difficult to photograph, and the leopard in particular does not show well because it is photographed at an angle behind the ladder.
Hidden Creatures

Notes: Pictures are sorted by image type, as listed at left. Sometimes images are difficult to categorize, in which case they were placed in one of the possible matches for that image. Click on the thumbnails to see full-size versions.

License plates and other identification such as FMCA badge numbers have been blurred where they appear, but we imagine that most people will be able to recognize their coaches when they see them. If you don't see your coach/mural here, and have a high-quality digital image of it, your submission is welcome (as are comments). There are many hundreds of images here, enjoy.
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