Installing SuperSlides

> Among the many upgrades and changes we planned for our Blue Bird were slide-out trays for the passthrough bay. Rather than a single slide that could be pulled either direction we decided on two slides, one in each direction. This allows cargo to be piled higher on each outer side than would be possible if it had to pass under the lower frame.

We looked at several models of pre-built trays, but decided to go with Kwikee Superslides, which are sold as just rails and the width is set by the size of platform you make from plywood.
Each box weighed 73 lbs.
Box contents
> There was some minor damage on each slide, but easily hammered out. The instructions were trashed to unreadability, but were available online at Not the best instructions ever seen, but adequate.
Rail inset necessary to clear door strut.
Design flaw - bolt hole against bearing. Had to grind one side off.
Rails positioned with one inset because they were too long otherwise.
Rails installed.
Plywood Base.
Completed with indoor/outdoor carpeting.
First slide stop.
Full extension.
Loaded extended
Loaded ready to go.
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