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Chama, New Mexico

I've spent a lazy couple of days getting here. I'm staying in the Rio Chama RV Park. I usually don't care for commercial parks, and the only other one I've ever stayed at was sort of a desperation move late at night.

This one is in a lovely cottonwood bottom that glows like flame this time of year. It's all cool shade inside. I came in from Antonito about 9am and caught the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad building steam, had breakfast at Vera's Mexican Kitchen (mmmmmmmm), and was drawn into this RV Park the third time I passed it. I didn't intend to stop this early, since my body has a date with the hot springs in Pagosa, but it was all just too quiet, too cool, and too colorful to pass up.

The management has a dedicated credit card line they have graciously made available to me for email, so I will soon see if Bigzoo works from here. I hope to do a little bicycling and reading this afternoon. Nothing too strenuous. Might go Bass Ale fishing in the fridge this evening. Maybe build a fire.

Full hookups here are $18, but they have a monthly rate of $337, and right now I can see spending a month around here some summer. They don't allow any generator use at all, since electricity is available at each site.

You know, I have been going over in my mind what I want retirement to be like. What I would really like to achieve is that feeling I had in my 20's, of being at home in my own skin, comfortable with whatever life threw at me. That was before decades of acquiring jobs, houses, cars, furniture, and other bad habits.

I hope now to shed everything that won't fit into a 27 foot trailer, but that is only the first step. After a couple of years, I hope to shed the trailer too, and reduce my needs to a can-do attitude and whatever goods will fit in a suitcase. Then I'm going round the world for a year or two.

I don't see any reason to settle down in any particular place unless my health demands it. There are lots of places in this world where your money goes a lot farther than the USA.

Anyhow that's what I think is going on with me.

But what I think and what is going on are not always the same thing.

We'll see.


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