Return to A Deliberate Year


13 December 04

My Very Own Driveway
Georgetown, TX

Since returning to Georgetown, I've been doing some renovations on the trailer. First off, I replaced the Progressive Dynamics Intellipower 9130 converter that burnt out with a 9140. It was an easy screwdriver job, once I removed enough drawers to get to it. One to one replacement wiring is something I can follow.

It's a little like doing the hokey-pokey: you take one wire out, you put another wire in... you get the picture. Try not to shake it all about.

This morning the trailer was cold when I got up. I suspected a thermostat problem, and for once I was right on the first try. That old Coleman-Mach analog thermostat that came on the trailer had been getting more and more inaccurate. It might be 65 degrees in the trailer, and I'd have to set the switch down to 55 to get the heater to come on. This morning nothing came on no matter where I put the switch - no heat. And no AC, for that matter.

I checked the breakers just in case. They were on.

Soooo... I pried the cover off the Coleman-Mach, and immediately smelled burnt solder. Not a good sign. The internal fuse was blown. Aha. Definitely a clue. As I was prying out the fuse, I got a spark from the board. Okay, I'm convinced.

Off to Home Depot. They had a variety of Honeywells, but the programmable features were useless to me, and the cheapest was 30 bucks. Then I remembered the Hunter. Bob Hatch said something a while back about putting one of those in his Motorhome, and in fact I had bought one a couple of years ago just because it was cool and digital. But then I discovered I had to give up the two speed fan, so I took it back to WallyWorld.

Now, as it happens, I have a no speed fan, so that objection is sorta lost on me.

I went next door to Walmart, not really expecting to find it. But there it was, the Hunter 42999B, only $19.95. What a deal.

Back at the trailer, the plot thickened. I had way too many wires, in the wrong colors, and poor directions. There was a pretty good chance I was going to screw things up. So I googled around for "Hunter Thermostat" and found this URL:

You couldn't ask for better instructions. Perfectly clear. It took about 5 minutes. Now I have heat again.

And that's cool.

Here's the kicker. It is 67 degrees. I switched on the heater, set it to 68 degrees. It immediately clicked and came on. A few minutes later it clicked off, though the fan ran a little longer.

I looked. It was 68 degrees.

A thermostat accurate to 1 degree. Imagine that. Welcome to the future, y'all.