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Living in the Driveway

I spent a lot of money in October and November of '02, after I got back from the Dakotas, on fixing the house in Georgetown up for sale. In fact, after new paint and texture, sheetrock work, and a roof, the darn thing was just too good to sell.

Or so it seems.

I was also neck deep in trying to sell my mother's house, and thus settle the estate. I had more success there. But all the way through Christmas, and much of the spring, despite a few small trips, I was pretty much tied down to Georgetown. And yet....

Pssst. C'mere. Can you keep a secret? Come closer. Let me whisper a little something in your shell-like ear. You ready for this?

It is a little known fact that interesting things can actually happen AT HOME! No kidding. I wouldn't make stuff up.

Of course the travel industry would rather you didn't know these things.

So you understand it is at considerable personal risk, and with not a little trepidation, that I am offering the following rare stay-at-home adventures. Cheap, too.

Wrapping is extra.

Better hurry up and read them. I think I hear helicopters. Black helicopters.

 1. 1 Dec 02 Rv Rx
 2. 17 Dec 02 Something Strange Is Going On Here....
 3. 2 Jan 03 Serendipity Strikes Again
 4. 11 May 03 Flatspotting At The Dam
 5. 29 May 03 Another Poop Sheet
 6. 6 Jun 03 Mastering The Macerator

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