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BC IS on Fire


I am in Radium Hot Springs, BC. I have not been out of thick smoke, except briefly, since shortly after I left Butte, Montana, several days ago. Fellow here says there's 315 fires in just this little corner of BC.

I have made a mistake, coming north. I have been driving for over 200 miles, and there is no end in sight. It is like driving through a grey tunnel. I know there are mountains to the left and right, because bits of the tunnel are greyer than others. If I'd driven south from Flathead, maybe I'd be out of the smoke by now.

But it's too late. I'm committed. So it's north to Golden, or to Jasper, or maybe Prince George. Anywhere it's not burning.

The road from here to Banff is closed. More fires. Calgary is getting quite a lot of smoke too, according to CBC.

A new slogan: "Come Visit: Watch BC make an Ash of Itself".

But am I bitter? O Noooooo....

My advice to all. If you find a nice place, such as I had in Cody or Red Lodge, stay there. As you go north, you go downhill.


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