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Spanish Peaks, Colorado


Near Cuchara Pass
Colorful Colorado, USA

When my wonderful neighbor woke me up with his generator at 8 am sharp this morning, it was 40 degrees outside, 50 in the trailer. Allllll Riiiight .... One person reported it got down to 28 last week.

I'd stay here a while if it weren't so crowded. I'm good for a couple of days, anyhow. I think.

I came into Blue Lake campground last evening about 7pm, and took the last available site. Bear Lake, a little higher, was completely full of motorcyclists, toy ATVs, and other noisy stuff. I am not used to going to the trouble of getting high and still finding crowds, especially on a Thursday. I asked the park host if there were something special going on, or was I just too close to Trinidad? "O no, honey" she replied, "most of these folks are Texans."

I have met the enemy, Pogo, and he is us.

After I got situated last night, I raided the fridge for yogurt and fruit, and noticed the foil lid on the yogurt was grossly distended. Good lord, ruined already? Then I remembered I was at 10600 feet. There's a connection between altitude and air pressure, right? Duh.

As further proof, my new Aerobed mattress was hard as a rock. Another 500 feet, and I might have been sleeping on shredded plastic.

I ate the yogurt. It didn't smell any worse than usual. If you don't hear from me for a while, perhaps I am sitting with a distended belly and a funny look on my face, somewhere among the Spanish Peaks. Feel free to loose the hounds, but don't forget to attach that little flask of whisky to their collars.

While I'm feeling frisky, I might as well try out that bowtie pasta and meat sauce that's been hiding in the bottom of the fridge all week. One man's misadventure is another man's lunch.

Sometimes I amaze myself. Last night any place with 40 degree nights was coterminous with Heaven. This morning I'm already crabby about it - too crowded, too noisy. Danged Harps.

The people lined up in their deck chairs around Blue Lake seem contented - all 30 of them. Bear Lake is a little bigger, but it still looks like you ought to take a number, and no pushing, please.

If I were British, this queue in the wilderness might seem perfectly fine and normal. But I'm not. It's noon now, and only 65 degrees. Maybe I can lose this crowd if I go walking. Most of them don't look like they do much of that. Bye.


Later: Heck with this. I forgot about the 4 wheelers. I'm headed for Lake City. My only ISP nowadays is Verizon Wireless, and coverage is spotty up here. See you in a few days, maybe.

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