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Lucky Me



I've written before about my particular brand of luck, which is Better Than I Deserve. BTID. I've got a couple more examples.

1.Kayak Stuff

A couple of days ago I rolled into Rapid City, looking for a replacement cockpit cover for my kayak. The original, which I bought in Austin for around $30, blew off somewhere back down the road. I'd been advised to go to Sheeles Sports, "in the mall". When I got there, the salesman had a perpetually doubtful look on his face.

"I dunno. It's awful late for that stuff. No, I don't think we have any."

"Any place else in Rapid City I could try?"

He scrunched up his forehead in painful thought. "Wal-Mart?"

I expressed my doubt, and pressed him again.

"Well I guess you could try Adventure Sports, but I dunno.... Hey Jerry!" Someone looked up about three aisles down. "You remember how to get to Adventure Sports?"

It turned out Jerry did, and I got reluctant directions, following which I zig-zagged, wandered, and occasionally wended my way to Adventure Sports on Hwy 44. Last Chance.

"Yeah, we have them. And they're on sale. Wanta get two?" I allowed as how this might be a good idea, but in fact they only had the one. The last one in Rapid City. For $17. Half price. BTID.

2. BBQ

I found some acceptable BBQ. This qualifies as BTID anywhere outside Texas, Tennessee, or (perhaps) one of the Carolinas. I found it at the Flagstaff Cafe in Tensleep, Wyoming, where I arrived around noon today. Purely out of self-defense I have learned to question waitresses extensively about the pedigree of their BBQ. For instance, in Buffalo I was offered the "BBQ Special". When I asked if it was cooked on a pit, she said "Pit?" That's the sort of thing that gives you a clue.

But at the Flagstaff she said "He's been cooking it out back all night." And indeed, this beef has recognizably known the inside of a pit. It's not bad. I'd rate it as somewhere between "acceptable" and "Fittin'" on a 4 point scale that begins with "Bleah!" and ends with a wordless contented smile.

Their Berry Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream ain't bad, either.

The Cafe had a free Pioneer Museum out back, which I meant to visit, but forgot about when my eyes rolled back in my head during the feeding frenzy. BTID.

And why should I think all this serendipity is Better Than I Deserve? Because I question it. I complain about it. I am even sometimes downright ungrateful.

And I suspect I am not alone.


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