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Moose Drool and Wooly Boogers


Deerfield Lake, South Dakota

You know, as a matter of design, I've always disliked floor vents for heaters. They're a weak point in the floor, and they collect dirt and small dust bunnies that are hard to remove. But after 2 hours wading up a cold stream in a pair of sneakers, it sure feels good to rest your blue toes right on top of that vent.


Yeah, I know. I have waders. But I didn't have them WITH me. :o(

Not much luck on the fish. I think that ranger guy was having a little fun with me about "Castle Crick". It turns out to be a stream about 2 feet wide where it dumps into Deerfield Lake. Small pickings.

And wooly boogers? Those things are HUGE. The only action I got was on smaller stuff.

Most of the fishing here is done on the lake. You can see the big ones rising in the morning, flop and flash. I need to find or fashion a light pontoon for the kayak, to make it more stable for fishing. Perhaps a yoke and a couple pieces of conduit, with inflatable bags on the ends. I'm not able to search the web right now, but I'll bet somebody already makes something like that.

There are a couple of special purpose fishing platforms being used here that are small and light enough to be carried in an RV compartment. One is the inner tube with straps and waders contraption, which strikes me as an elaborate way to drown. More promising are the 6-8 foot pontoon boats, with oars, that skitter around out there like waterbugs.

They are very light, all aluminum tubing and air. Maybe 40 lbs. I saw a smallish man lift one easily from the back of his pickup, carry it upside down over his head 40 or 50 feet down a hill, and set it lightly in the water. It rides high on the pontoons, which are inflated bladders zipped up in sturdy rubberized nylon covers. It would take a lot to poke a hole in one.

The neat thing is the way they break down flat for storage. The frame snaps together, the pontoons deflate and fold up, and the biggest single piece is maybe 2' x 3' x 6 inches. You could store it under your bed. They cost anywhere from $400-$800. At that price you could sell it if you didn't like it, and not lose much. The one I looked at was sold by "Buck's Bags". I think they have a website.

Of course if you're going out on Lake Superior, you need a kayak. Or an ocean liner. I'd rather have my kayak for speed and exploring. But for just getting out on the reservoir and having a stable place to cast from, these things are the Cat's Meow. They'll take a trolling motor and battery if you're feeling lazy. There's even room for a small cooler of Moose Drool.

O yeah. Moose Drool. That's the name of my favorite new beer, a brown ale made in Missoula. Something like Bass ale. When I first saw it down in Hill City, I thought: "That stuff has to be good, or they couldn't stay in business".

Believe me. I have seen Moose drool. It is not a pretty sight.


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