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After traveling for a couple of weeks in a rented motor home, we arrived in Phoenix, which is one of a number of places where used motor homes abound. I had decided that I wanted a mid-range diesel pusher, but did not have brand or model in mind. We visited several lots, and Joy in particular liked a Safari Sahara on the La Mesa RV lot. It had a number of selling points, including a shower/tub combo, and certainly including the tiger mural. I liked most of what I saw, and we were able to negotiate the price to what we felt was a reasonable level, so we made the purchase. Joy is not interested in driving a big rig, so we returned home in the rental unit, bought a Hyundai Santa Fe to use as a toad (dinghy), and returned 2 weeks later to Phoenix to pick up the Safari. Our trip in the rental and the return trip in the Safari are chronicled on our Arizona page.

Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara
The coach is a 1998 model 3506, called 35 ft but measuring 36 ft 7 inches. It has a 300 hp Cat 3126 engine with Allison 6-speed transmission. There were a bit under 36,000 miles when we bought it.

Here are some interior views at the time of purchase:
Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara
Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara Safari Sahara
Since purchase we've been steadily making changes and additions to suit our needs. The first item added was a MotoSat DataStorm 2-way internet satellite system. See our DataStorm page for details. We also added a Splendide 2000 vented washer/dryer combo. We removed the recliner chair and replaced it with a wooden rocking chair; the additional space generated was used for a 4-drawer chest of drawers. The ice maker was removed, and the space turned into a cabinet housing an ink-jet printer and all of the miscellaneous computer parts. The Safari used the overhead TV as the backup camera monitor, which I found inconvenient for use as a constant rearview. I installed a 6.7-inch LCD monitor on the dashboard instead. A Roadmaster Sterling towbar was added for the Hyundai toad, and a roof ladder was installed - for some reason it didn't have one out of the factory. A small worktable was included to hold the laptop for normal use - I normally use a regular keyboard in my lap, along with a mouse, and sit on the couch while computing. A stereo system including a JVC 12-CD changer was installed in the bedroom. Some pictures of altered items:

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