Quartzsite, AZ, January 8 - Mar 4, 2008

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Our fifth straight year of travel to the Arizona desert in the winter.
Another chance to get out of the rainy northcoast for most of January and February. We did most of our usual things, including climbing the "Q" hill or its neighboring lower hill most days.
$3.239 seemed high for diesel at the time!
We moved around several times, including a side-trip to Yuma for a few days. This was our site for the last couple of weeks we were there, parked alongside John and Jean Watson as usual. You can never miss our multitude of satellite dishes! John and Jean can be seen waving to us, from about a mile away.
Holly doing her mountain goat imitation on the slopes of "Q" hill.
We always have at least one get-together of DatastormUsers.com members at our site. This year we only gave about 24 hours notice, but still had a nice turnout.
The Goodyear blimp "Spirit of America" passed by on its way to the Super Bowl in Phoenix.
Just minutes after we arrived at the annual car show, which is the last big tent show in Quartzsite, the winds got so high they had to close and strike the tent. This was one of the exhibits, departing.
The second annual Blue Bird rally at Quartzsite was a week-long event, and attracted nearly 50 'Birds, double the previous year. Coaches ranged from 1974 to 2006 models. A 1974 is nose-to-nose with a 2006 in the middle of the ring. Since these events include "friends," John and Jean were able to come as well. You can spot us side-by-side in the upper left because of the satellite dishes.
We joined a group of other Blue Bird owners with 4x4 vehicles for a trip into the hills northeast of Quartzsite. We explored an old mine, and visited one of the desert intaglios (ancient pictographs on the desert floor).
After leaving Quartzsite we went down to Gila Bend for a couple of days, then over to Casa Grande for a rally. While there we did some geocaching with Jim (center) and Chris (right) Guld, and one of their friends. This was up on a hill south of Casa Grande, and Joy can be seen down in the far distance.
Our last stop was Sedona, where we stayed for a week helping out while Joy's sister Carol underwent hip-replacement surgery. The bus was parked at Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, which is a nice place to stay and easier than Carol's driveway.
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