Broken Ankle

On June 8th I fell from a ladder while working on the bus - actually kicked the ladder out from under myself - and broke my right ankle. The fracture was compound, with the tibia showing about 4 inches out of the skin.
The bones were put back together with a plate and seven screws in the fibula, two screws in the tibia, and a "syndesmosis screw" pulling tibia and fibula together.
There was a cast for only nine days, with staples out at 12 days. First six weeks on crutches with no weight on the right foot, then approved for full weight-bearing. Wore a splint for another 8 weeks whenever walking far or on rough ground. Below is what it looked like at nine weeks. Shortly after that xray the syndesmosis screw was removed.
I am writing this at 15 weeks. I have about 60% range-of-motion in the right ankle, and it is still painful to walk very far, but there is slow progress continuing.
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