Arizona May-June, 2002

After our rental trip we returned home, where we prepared to go get our new (to us) Safari in Mesa. The most significant thing was to buy a suitable toad (tow car). We settled on a Hyundai Santa Fe, which is towable without modifications in the 4-cylinder, front-wheel drive 5-speed. We loaded it up with everything we would need for a trip, and drove to Phoenix.

In Mesa we picked up the motorhome and drove to Cliff's Welding, where they installed the towing package necessary to hookup the toad, then went on to Payson for the Memorial Day weekend for a family visit.
Arizona, May-June, 2002
After the weekend, we stopped for a couple of days in Scottsdale to get the Datastorm satellite dish installed, then returned home to Arcata in a roundabout trip through San Diego and Redding. CopyrightComments? Send mail to
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