Colorado, September 3 - November 6, 2007

Because there are so many pictures of this particular trip they are broken into 3 pages.
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Following our fall travel pattern of the past 4 years we picked a state as a destination, with travels to/from that state. Prior years have included Florida (2003), Maine (2004), Texas (2005) and Pennsylvania (2006). This year the destination state is Colorado. Colorado
Our trip began to the north, as we had two appointments to make modifications to Blue Thunder. In Grants Pass, Oregon we had new shock absorbers installed all around, and in Vancouver, Washington we had new front seats installed that we ordered when we passed through there in May. These are fabric-covered Flexsteel seats in the latest model, with a layer of memory foam! Other modifications made to the bus can be seen on the Wanderlodge page.
New front seats.
Clyde Holliday State Park
We traveled across Oregon on US 26, overnighting at Prineville and at Clyde Holliday State Park near John Day. Then it was I-84 across Idaho and down to Salt Lake City.
After a stop at Motosat the satellite dishes on top of the bus have changed again. The big .98 meter (39-inch) diameter dish is now a 1.2 meter (47-inch) dish, running a commercial internet service. A smaller .74 meter dish was added at the back corner (only place it would easily fit!) running Hughes service so I can use it for testing of the software I write for satellite users. This picture was taken at a Utah rest stop where we climbed the hill to find a geocache.
New Dishes
Golden Colorado City RV Park
We rested up a couple of days in Cheyenne, then it was down to Golden Colorado. The pictures here were all taken from places on Lookout Mountain, which rises steeply above Golden. At left is an aerial view of the City-owned RV park we are staying in. The Coors brewery is the dominant structure in Golden, and the Colorado School of Mines is also prominent. To the east is downtown Denver.
Golden Colorado
Golden Colorado Coors Brewery
Colorado School of Mines
Downtown Denver
The Graves of Buffalo Bill Cody and his wife are on the very top of Lookout Mountain. Radio-controlled flying wings were quite interesting to watch, and there were a lot of hang-gliders flying off the mountainside.
Buffalo Bill Gravesite
Radio controlled gliders on Lookout Mountain
Hang gliders off Lookout Mountain
In Golden we were joined by Michael and Georgia Day, who will be traveling with us through the end of October. Michael is this year's chairman for the DatastormUsers rally in Tucson the last week of October. One of our earliest outings together was to the Butterfly Gardens in Broomfield, where the occupants liked to land on heads.
Georgia with a Butterfly
Michael with a Butterfly
Butterflies mating
A visit to Coors is obligatory when in Golden!
We took a loop trip up US6/Clear Creek Canyon, then North to Nederland, and back through Boulder. Got to see some Mountain Sheep jumping around in the rocks, and the aspens were turning some very nice colors.
Mountain Sheep
Fall colors in the Rockies

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