Death Valley trip page

Wildflowers in Death Valley, March 26 - 31, 2004

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Death Valley Mojavea

Phacelia spp?

Caltha-leaf Phacelia

Rock Daisy

Scented Cryptantha


Golden Evening Primrose


Gravel Ghost

Rock Nettle

Notch-leaf Phacelia

Desert Gold


Horse Purslane???

Desert Holly

Desert Sage

Dune Evening Primrose

Desert Dandelion

Fremont Phacelia

Lewis Flax



Desert Paintbrush

Beavertail Cactus

Desert Five-spot

Creosote Bush

Pebble Pincushion

Lilac Sunbonnet

Desert Star

Desert Globemallow


White-Stemmed Blazing Star

Desert Gold Poppy

Purple Mat

Desert Chicory

Field of notchleaf Phacelia

Desert Trumpet

Broad-leaved Gilia

Desert Gold covers an alluvial fan

Ground Cherry

Death Valley Sage

Mojave Aster


Desert Tobacco


Broad-Flowered Gilia

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