Pacific Northwest September 17-30, 2002

This fall trip to Vancouver, BC, was planned around a get-together with other online RVers at Deception Pass, at the north end of Whidbey Island. Tuesday we traveled to Eugene, Oregon, where we spent two nights at Deerwood RV Park a new park about 5 miles south of town. map
Deerwood RV Park
Wednesday we had the coach at Kaiser Brake in Eugene for some adjustments to the suspension. While that was happening, we went up to the Monaco plant and took the tour of the Safari production. We had taken the tour during our previous Oregon trip, but that was a rather rushed job as it started very late. Today we were the only ones on the tour, so we got to linger wherever we wanted to see more. We got to see one of the first 2003 Saharas with a King bed, and that is something we will definitely get if/when we ever order a new coach!

Thursday we traveled to Centralia, Washington where we spent a night at Midway RV Park. Midway RV Park
Friday we traveled to Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island for a gathering of news-groupies from rec.outdoors.rv-travel known as PNWCO4. We met a number of fellow RVers that we have only previously met in the online world.
Rick shows Ben some really big bugs
Rick shows Ben some really big bugs.
BD cooks up a mess of French Toast
BD cooks up a mess of French Toast.
Rick and Chris with many pounds of bacon
Rick and Chris with many pounds of bacon.
Lots of digital photographers
Lots of digital photographers.
Seems like everyone was taking pictures
Seems like everyone was taking pictures.
A breakfast panorama. Showing Ben how to make a panorama without anything special, camera-wise
Holly got to swim for about 50 retrieves in Cranberry Lake
Holly got to swim for about 50 retrieves in Cranberry Lake.
The campground area
The campground area.
Rick and Chris' Class B
Rick and Chris' Class B.
Some pictures of the
Saturday potluck.
Saturday potluck Saturday potluck Saturday potluck Saturday potluck
Ben enjoying his campfire
Ben enjoying his campfire.
One of the park's furry critters
One of the park's furry critters.

Click here for a page of PNWCO4 faces.

Monday we crossed into Canada, staying at the Burnaby Cariboo RV Park for 4 days. Because the particular satellite we are connected to for our internet service has a very poor signal in the extreme northwest, we did not have an internet connection at either Deception Pass or in B.C. That area is the only "hole" in the coverage for this particular satellite, and it has the best US coverage overall, so we will just have to live with the loss of signal when we travel north of Seattle.
Burnaby Cariboo RV Park
Burnaby Cariboo RV Park.
Burnaby Cariboo RV Park
Narrow concrete pads, but with hedges between each site.
Museum of Anthropology
The museum of anthropology at the U of BC.
Queen Elizabeth Park
Queen Elizabeth Park
The extensive gardens at Queen Elizabeth Park.
Queen Elizabeth Park
Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.
Scarlet Ibis
A Scarlet Ibis in the walk-through Amazon Jungle.
Aurora with calf
One of the aquarium's Beluga females, Aurora, with her calf which was born on July 20th.
Sea Lion
A Sea Lion waiting to be fed.
Totem Poles
Totem Poles in Stanley Park.
Vancouver from Stanley Park.
Vancouver panorama
A panorama of Vancouver from Stanley Park.
Ocean Princess
Cruise ship Ocean Princess, with the Vancouver Lookout at the right.
A seaplane taking off.
Carnival Spirit
Cruise ship Carnival Spirit, seen from the Vancouver Lookout.
Port of Vancouver
East along the busy Port of Vancouver waterfront.
Looking Southeast, with Burnaby in the distance.
South, with the hockey and football stadiums in the foreground.
Looking Southwest.
Looking West at downtown Vancouver.
Northwest to Stanley Park, with Lion's Gate Bridge in the upper-right.
Gas Town
Gas Town, an old part of Vancouver.
Gas Town steam clock
A steam powered clock in Gas Town.
Fort Langley
Fort Langley is an old Hudson's Bay trading post east of Vancouver.
Fort Langley
The proclamation creating the province of BC was read at Fort Langley.

Friday we headed south back across the border, spending the night at Brookhollow RV Park in Kelso, Washington. Brookhollow RV Park

Saturday we were again at Deerwood RV Park in Eugene.
Sunday we moved a short distance south to Umpqua Safari RV Park in Winston, just outside the entrance to Wildlife Safari. Umpqua Safari RV Park
We spent the afternoon driving through the park, getting a lot of closeup pictures of the inhabitants, a few of which are here:
Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari Wildlife Safari
Monday we head home, ending another great RV experience! CopyrightComments? Send mail to
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