Quartzsite, AZ, January 19-February 8, 2005.

On January 19 we started our second annual trip to Quartzsite, this time planning 2 weeks dry-camping on the BLM land south of town.
Quartzsite 2005
As we did last year, we parked next to our friends John and Jean Watson. You may be able to see our Motor Homes in the exact center of this picture taken from the "Q" hill. This picture was taken on our last day there, and a lot of the crowd around when we arrived had already left, so it appears emptier than it would be in January. Quartzsite
For some people, the attraction of Quartzsite is the giant flea market spread all over town, and for others it is just the low cost of camping ($30 for two weeks on the BLM land, and areas further out are free). I tell people the main attraction for me is the number of people we are acquainted with who spend time there.

We held three get-togethers for members of my datastormusers.com (closed now) forums. The first was held at our campsite, the second at Sweet Darlene's, and the third at the City Bus Cafe, which is also an internet cafe with the internet side handled by Scott Whitney (on the right smiling at the camera) who bought breakfast for all who attended.
Steve O'Bosky, RayHound, Roger Thode Don Hall, John Watson Quartzsite Gathering
Quartzsite Gathering Motosat VP/Sales Royal Lamb (without hat) Breakfast at the internet cafe
We made a side trip to Yuma, and on the way back we saw this balloon some 25 miles before we actually came to the nearest point. The sign soon afterwards clarified what it was. Aerostat Aerostat
On our last day, we climbed the Q hill (the photo of the Q shows why we call it that) as we had last year. Joy had sprained her ankle badly a week before we left on this trip, so it needed the full two weeks of shorter walks and hill climbs to get ready for this one. You can see a long ways from the hilltop, and you can also see how green the desert was after the second wet winter in a row. Quartzsite
Quartzsite Quartzsite Quartzsite Quartzsite
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