Redlands RV August 8 - August 13, 2014

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We did not do any significant traveling in 2014 after our annual Quartzsite trip, due to surgery to replace my ankle in April. In August I needed to travel to UCSF for a followup, and combined this with a trip to get a piece of work done to the coach that we had been wanting to do for awhile. The stock muffler in the M380 has been the source of a few fires in other coaches, so we had it replaced with a stainless steel muffler that is much smaller in diamter (on the outside) allowing the walls of the chase to run cooler. The pictures show the process, starting with a look at the old muffler from below, and ending with a picture of the new muffler from below. This work was performed at Redlands Truck and RV, in Redlands, California.
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