PNWCO9 May 10 - 18, 2005

Travels to Pacific Northwest Campout #9 (PNWCO9), a semi-annual gathering of people from the Usenet newsgroup rec.outdoors.rv-travel. We also attended PNWCO4, PNWCO5, and PNWCO7, in past years. PNWCO9 was held at Wanapum campground in Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park, where I-90 crosses the Columbia River.
The Wanapum reservoir is in Central Washington about 30 miles east of Ellensburg. Weather was in the mid 70s to low 80s, which was the first real warmth we've had since Quartzsite. PNWCO9 PNWCO9
The Ginkgo interpretive center had one living Ginkgo tree and lots of specimens of petrified wood of many species found within the park. PNWCO9 PNWCO9
All of the attendees at this PNWCO are regulars who have generally been at the previous ones we've attended. PNWCO9 PNWCO9 PNWCO9
Conditions were ideal for several swims, usually followed by a good back massage in the grass. PNWCO9 PNWCO9
Hanging out on Saturday before the potluck: PNWCO9 PNWCO9 PNWCO9
The group photograph is part of every PNWCO. If you click on this to see the big picture, be forwarned that it is the full-size that came from the camera (although compressed substantially): 3504x2336 pixels, and 1.2MB. PNWCO9
The saturday main event is the potluck dinner. PNWCO9 PNWCO9 PNWCO9
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