Virginia to Florida August 17th - December 20 2008

Because there are so many pictures of this particular trip they are broken into multiple pages.
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This page is mostly pictures of Charleston and Savannah. Charleston first.

We took a guided bus tour first then went back on foot another day to photograph some of the best examples of the architecture.
Home of John Rutledge, signer of the Constitution and first governor of South Carolina
Lots of ornate ironwork
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
The current structure dates from 1907
This intersection is the "Four Corners of Law" At the Northeast corner is City Hall
The Southeast corner is "God's Law" St. Michael's Episcopal Church
On the Southwest corner is the Federal Courthouse and Post Office
And on the Northwest corner is the Charleston County Courthouse.
Charleston First Presbyterian Church
Nathaniel Russell House
This is part of Charleston's Rainbow Row, where each building is a different pastel color.
Originally there would have been pillars on the second-floor porch. Knocked down by the earthquake of 1886
Joy liked the name of this pub
The old exchange and customs house
Seawall in Charleston - this part of the city is below high tide
Guns in Battery Park
Some more of the seawall
Tall ship in Charleston Harbor
The aircraft carrier Yorktown is moored across from Charleston
The highway 17 bridge looked unique, until we saw the one in Savannah
We paid a visit to Boone Hall Plantation where we toured the main house and outlying gardens.
There is a long, oak-lined drive up to the plantation
The main house dates only from the 1930s, and is the 7th house in the location.
Fort Sumter, as seen from Fort Moultrie
Dolphins in Charleston Harbor
Civil-war era guns at Fort Moultrie
Osceola, the great seminole chief, died in captivity at Fort Moultrie
From Charleston we moved south to Hilton Head which served as our base to visit Savannah.
Hilton Head Lighthouse
The day we chose to go to the beach was overcast and windy, but still fairly warm.
As with Charleston we first took a narrated tour of the city then proceeded to wander on foot for several hours taking pictures.
River Cruise steamships at the Savannah docks
The Savannah US17 bridge, just like Charleston's!
Oak-lined sidewalk near the Savannah waterfront, with spanish moss
Savannah is laid out with a park/square every-other block in downtown.
Lots more ornate ironwork
A number of houses are side-by-side mirror images
Forsyth Park is at the south end of the historic district
This fountain in Forsyth Park is enamel-coated iron
Baptist Church
The Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) occupies many downtown buildings
Oglethorpe was the founder of Savannah and Georgia colony
This is the spot where the "Forrest Gump" bench sat in the movie

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