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Images from Iran and Ethiopia

I took a lot of pictures when I was overseas, but I'm sorry to say that few of them have survived the many moves I made during the 70s. I have about 250 remaining, and I've scanned most of the slides to be able to present them here.

The categories at the left are by no means exact. There is a people category, but the people in there often would fit in one of the others, and there are plenty of people in several of the other categories. Generally I just tried to group things somewhat logically.

I have never been good at remembering names to go with faces, so the vast majority of the people are "nameless." I would love to remedy that, so if you have arrived here after searching the units involved, and you are in any of the pictures or know who someone is, please drop me a note at the e-mail address at the bottom of any page.

The index at the left will take you to thumbnail indices, where you can click on a thumbnail to see a larger version.
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